Mentoring Women

Are the women in your organization/church being mentored? Do you have a program/system in place for doing so? Are you producing results? How do you measure your results?

Many churches today are not mentoring women the Biblical way. Sadly, the church suffers from the same problems as those outside the church. These problems are ripping families apart. The church has shifted their focus away from mentoring and discipleship to motivational messages. Families are suffering greatly. The church must get back to its foundations. It must be effective again in strengthening families, teaching men to be productive and effective as the head of the household. Women must once again be taught to be Godly women, effective helpmates and mothers.

In the book, “Purposed for Womanhood,” Author Lulu Rivera focuses on teaching women how to be effective helpmates, moms, and women. She challenges women to do life God’s way so that their families can survive against the cultural depravity that exists. The author bases her book on the mandates given in Titus 2:3-5. I encourage every church to purchase the book and use it as a Bible study tool for their women’s ministries. The book is available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, etc.

Be Relentless!

To be relentless is to be steady and persistent.  We have to be relentless in our pursuit of God, in being men of valor, and in being watchman over our families.  If we neglect to be relentless, we allow attacks to come our way that could’ve been prevented.  We can’t shrink back or else we will be defeated.  Stay vigilant at all times.  Men must come together to encourage one another and hold each other up.  Let’s be relentless!

As leaders, our finances must be in order if we expect God to enlarge our territory and bless us.  We cannot preach to others what we don’t practice ourselves.  Are you in debt?  Are you spending foolishly?  Are you living above your means?  Take time to carefully go over your finances.  Create a financial plan for you and your family.  Create an effective system for paying monthly bills, tracking your debt, how it will be paid, and saving for the future.  As leaders we must be people of integrity and live what we preach.

When no one is watching, when no one is listening.
This is who we really are. Let us surrender all of the unresolved issues, circumstances and sinful habits of entertaining the world and the flesh redeeming the time. Jesus is soon to return.
We will all give an account for every idle word spoken against our neighbors or a brother or even our enemies.
Matthew 12:36
But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.
Please let us examine what we say and how we say it and with our conduct shine like the sun.

In this hour says the Lord I will anoint and bless those who are humble and contrite; I will bless with a fresh wind of my spirit and open doors for my people in the midst of darkness and chaos. I will be the order in the midst of a sinful and disobedient generation.  I will call out my remnant that has not been defiled with sin and idol worship, that has separated herself from partaking and indulging in witchcraft.
I will protect and provide and do a great work in this last hour.
From the Southeast toward the West a great fire of my spirit will come and cause multitudes to repent and turn from sin. For I the Lord am faithful to my word, many shall hear and be healed of their diseases. The blind shall see, the lame shall walk, and the dead shall be brought back to life! For nothing is impossible for God! Let it be so Lord Jesus. I will cause my spirit to cover the Earth for where there is sin my grace shall abound even greater. You shall see it with your eyes says the Lord and the ear shall ring aloud; my glory is everlasting and my spirit is pure. Worship the Lord.
The year of the Lord’s favor. Amen let us praise and glorify his Holy Name, Amen
by Pastor Sam Rivera

What is leadership?

Leadership is influence, the ability of one person to influence others to follow his or her lead. It is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character which inspires confidence. A leader is a man or woman who knows the road, who can keep ahead, and who pulls others after him. You must walk so others can follow. (Taken from Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders)

Watch your words!

As ministers, we must be careful not to speak ill against other ministers and/or organizations. We will have to give an account of every deed and every word we spoke. Therefore, be slow to speak, quick to listen (but not to gossip)!

As we begin a new year, we ought to ask ourselves what we can do to improve ourselves, our relationships, our ministry, and our walk with God.  This is a great time to evaluate yourself and those who are in your sphere of influence.  Are there things you need to remove in your life that affect you negatively?  Are there people in your life that are toxic and need to be removed?  Are there things you need to improve upon so that you can be more effective in all you do?  Are you whole or is there a part of your life that is unbalanced?  Now is the time to examine yourself, take it to God and with His help make an effort to bring healthy changes to your life.

Up and coming leaders

The scripture teaches those that choose to grow and have a desire to lead must be clothed in humility. 1st Peter 5:5 states You younger men, likewise, be subject to your elders; and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE. I am encouraging all of the young Ministers and even our Fathers of the faith to clothe their lives with humility as a living testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing so you have have Gods blessing and endorsement.

As I peruse through the daily feed of well meaning Christians on Facebook I am encouraged, discouraged and at times ambivalent to the notes and status updates that are posted. Postings on excellence, leadership, promotion etc.. seem to be rants and at times encourage rebelliousness to the local church, pastors, organizations etc…

Above all things please bear in mind promotion comes from the Lord. David, was just a shepherd boy, yet the Lord called him to be the King of Israel.  Moses was a fugitive and the Lord called him to become the deliverer of Israel. The Bible is full of various narratives confirming that the Lord is the Promoter. Please note that God has placed you under the care of a Pastor. The Lord will deal with that Pastor and reveal that you are promotable. There are several caveats that need to be considered.

Firstly, you need to be a faithful Christian. A faithful Christian walks close to the Lord and practices the Spiritual Disciplines of Prayer, Bible Study, Reflection, regular attendance at their church and gives regularly to their church. A godly lifestyle is necessary as well.

You need to be a member in full fellowship with your church. This is a faithful Christian that has passed the membership requirements of the church.  Some churches require you to be a member in good standing for at least 6 months to a year before being part or heading a ministry.

My pastor, Rev. Angel M. Rios, used to say “You need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem”. Oftentimes people want ministry but they are engaging in disruptive behavior within their religious community. Obviously anyone who falls in this category may not qualify for ministry.

Finally, Each Position has its requirements. The Pastoral Letters at times seems like a job description for ministry. It is very clear that Paul was looking for faithful men/women to occupy ministerial roles. Due to the Complexity of Ministry roles it may well be possible additional requirements are needed. It would be peculiar to see a secretary that cannot write an email or use a computer, a treasurer with no financial aptitude or a teacher that has limited education.

Remember, a true Armor bearer will wait for their time of promotion. It is Biblical.

I recommend the following titles for you to consider in your quest for growth in ministry.

–      The Making of a Christian Leader by Frank Damazio

–      Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

Signing off,

Bishop Jonathan Roque